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Résumé du Rallye #DeVenasque2018, qui s’est déroulé autour de Pernes-les-Fontaines (84) ! Victoire de Renaud Berard (207 S2000, Peugeot) devant Maxime Belhomme (Clio S1600, Renault) et Cédric Scotto La Chianca (Fabia S2000, Skoda) ! Avec Belhomme, Panagiotis, Berard, Scotto, Grandordy, Blanc, Magnou. #Tag Rallye de Venasque 2018 / Venasque 2018 / Rallye de Venasque 2018 […]
Icelandic Motorsport 2018 Season coming up! All Motorsport in Iceland start soon and it will a lot of fantastic shows all summer. Icelandic Formula Offroad, Drift, Rallycross, Street Racing, Sand Drag Racing and more and more. Produced – Jakob C – www.facebook.com/jakobcoffroad Sponsors Kemi – www.kemi.is Autoparts – www.autoparts.is Goodyear – www.klettur.is Akstursíþróttasamband Íslands – […]
34º Rally de Noia 2018 ( 13,14 de Abril ). 2ª cita del Campeonato Gallego de Rallys. Clasificación Final : 1º Iago Caamaño / Alberto Rodríguez : Ford Fiesta R5 2º Víctor Senra / David Vázquez : Ford Fiesta R5 3º Alberto Meira / Jose Murado : Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X 4º David González / […]
La seconda gara del CIR 2018 come l’hanno vista gli obbiettivi della HD CappellaioMatto RACING! All’ interno del video potete trovare molti contenuti riguardanti la manifestazione tra cui: -anteprima -TOP TEN CIR -tutti gli equipaggi del CIR -crash Song used in the video: Per info, servizi video e prezzi contattare HDCappellaioMatto1088@gmail.com HD CappellaioMatto RACING di […]
We were in France last weekend, St Jean du Gard, for the First round of the 2018 European Hillclimb Championship, Col St. Pierre. Spectacular fight for the lead with Sebastian Petit first at the end of the two run, Christian Merli second with the new track record and Simone Faggioli third. Who will win this […]
Powered by Autodoc: Subscribe for exclusive content: This is my personal tribute to one of the most beloved and successful Basque drivers. Txus Jaio (Markina-Xemein, Basque Country, 1975/06/12) won two times the Spanish gravel rally championship but then Ford Motorsport cut the money supply and left this amazing driver alone. Being a humble construction worker […]

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