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Il 24 03 2020 nasce ufficialmente, da un’idea di Leonardo Pierulivo, la serie #RALLYADISTANTA… Un rally molto particolare, dove pilota e navigatore non condividono l’abitacolo, e l’elemento fondamentale che gli unisce è la rete internet… indispensabile nella drammatica situazione che l’Italia, e non solo, sta vivendo a causa del COVID 19. Il pilota tramite una […]
Rückblick in die Renn Saison von Wolfgang Schutting auf seinem Renault Clio Williams. Wolfgang startete in der Gruppe N bis 2000ccm und war sowohl beim Steirischen Bergrallye Cup sowie diversen Internationalen Bergrennen am Start. Einen vollen Erfolg konnte er vor allem im Bergrallye Cup einfahren, da ihm dort die erfolgreiche Titel Verteidigung gelang und er […]
© video brum brum Check out the new “Best of Rally”, with a lot of #MAXATTACK and #SIDEWAYS But wait, there’s even more in our soon-to-be-released DVD “Pushing the limits”, Vol. 1!📀 Contact us and grab your copy before sold out! Follow us in our Instagram page! Have a look at our Website! #SUBSCRIBE to […]
The best content from my Drivers Open videos. Crashes, action and mistakes! Drivers Open is an Open motorsport event, for any vehicle registered and road legal, nothing else is required except for a helmet. This could be seen as a step in to other motorsport types, such as Rally. A lot of people with no […]

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