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Flamboro Speedway Pro Late Model Sept. 9, 2017



  1. Do the pro late models here run a slick tire with a 604 crate motor? Why I ask is because Delaware has gone to a treaded tire similar to a super stock a.k.a. a street stock & they run a spacer plate for the 604 crate motor. The reasoning behind this was to create more side by side racing which it hasn't done. I use to pit crew for #20 Scott Lindsay at Delaware in the pro late models since Scott started in the late model class in 1992. We won 7 track championships & 1 street stock championship & close to 100 feature wins in the late models, the only driver better at Delaware was #28 Steve Robblee & he use to be #32 as well. Anyways we got talking about the new rules at Delaware for the pro late models & think it's absolutely stupid to put on a treaded tire on a pro late model, the reason Scott went to pro late model in the first place was to go faster & to run on a slick tire. The pro late models are not much faster than a super stock at Delaware, where a fast pro late model time is 20.078 or 20.123 & a fast super stock time is 20.774 which is roughly the top 5 cars & then some of them get down into the 21.417. So a fast car/driver like a Jake Sheridan or Matt Robblee in the super stocks could literally run with a pro late model at Delaware & be competitive. Something is wrong with that picture imo. The point of moving up from let's say mini truck to V8 stock class to full size truck to super stock to pro late model is the speed factor & better equipment & better handling cars. What is a driver going to learn at Delaware who goes from super stock to pro late model on the track? Yes at home in the garage a pro late is different from a super stock but with the spacer plate on the pro late models your horse power is reduced almost to a 602 crate which is what a super stock runs & the pro late tires are pretty similar to a super stock as well. So you make the jump to pro late model at Delaware & your not going much faster if at all than a super stock & your a rookie & there's an apc race at Delaware or jakusa or sunset you want to run so you pull the spacer plate out & slap on some American racer slick tires & head to jukasa well holy shit does this thing have some balls now & handles so much better but you don't know what to adjust to make it better etc & your getting more confident & at jukasa your going about 125mph down the straight aways & you go into turn 1 thinking oh it's got slick tires it should turn better which is true but you go into hot & spin out or worse back it into the wall. Point i'm trying to make to the Delaware pro lates is get them back on the slick tires at least & imo take the dam spacer plate off or you might as well run a 602 crate which is what this year's pro late model champion did Brendan Verhoven.


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