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All the crashes and fails from the 25th August meeting at birmingham wheels raceway Featuring Brisca F2, ORCI Ministox, 2.0ltr Hot Rods and no bangers, because they don’t turn up and the ones that do don’t hit each other any more. *sigh* Next meeting: Brisca F1 and Junior Bangers this weekend. Now that WILL be […]
Oil down at turn 1/2 for the ORCI Minis Heat 1 at Birmingham Wheels means most of the field ran into each other as they slid around trying to keep control This took place at Birmingham Wheels raceway in the Midlands, UK More details on future meetings on the Incarace website www.incarace.co.uk And much more […]
At the (2nd) Start for Heat 1 of BRISCA Formula 2 at Birmingham Wheels, a grinding crash into the armco on the start/finish straight leads to a loose wheel on the and chaos as the pack behind arrive on the scene. One of the F2s flew so high it damaged the aerofoil of a car […]
At the end of the first lap of the Stock Rods final at Birmingham Wheels, #48 Carl Shackleford loses the rear end and 855 Dave Langridge has no-where to go but into the broadside of his car. Spectacular photos of this one too in the gallery of the event: Next race at Wheels, May 5th […]
Spinning out of turn 4, 216 George Baker is collected by 974 Lee Clarke and they both head towards the famous Birmingham Wheels bank Only one will survive to continue the race…..the other will stay there….FOREVER! This took place during Stock Rods heat 3 at Birmingham Wheels raceway on 28/04/2018 (And you can see the […]
34º Rally de Noia 2018 ( 13,14 de Abril ). 2ª cita del Campeonato Gallego de Rallys. Clasificación Final : 1º Iago Caamaño / Alberto Rodríguez : Ford Fiesta R5 2º Víctor Senra / David Vázquez : Ford Fiesta R5 3º Alberto Meira / Jose Murado : Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X 4º David González / […]
Firmen aus der internationalen Kfz- und Reifenindustrie haben sich zu einer Interessengemeinschaft, dem sogenannten Industrie-Pool zusammengeschlossen, um exklusiv auf der Nordschleife Versuchs- und Erprobungsfahrten durchzuführen. Zugang zur Teststrecke erhalten nur ausgebildete Fahrer, die den speziellen Anforderungen der Nürburgring Nordschleife gewachsen sind. Alle am Erprobungsbetrieb teilnehmenden Personen müssen über sehr gute Kenntnisse hinsichtlich Verlauf und Gefahren […]

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