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I migliori momenti ripresi al Rally del Tartufo 2018 • #ISCRIVITI, LASCIA UN LIKE E FACCI SAPERE COSA PENSI DI QUESTO VIDEO! • #SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE A LIKE AND LET US TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS VIDEO! • FACEBOOK: • INSTAGRAM: TOP 5: 1° Carron – Landais Skoda Fabia R5 2° Gagliasso – Beltramo […]
Follow me on Facebook: 36° #Rally Due Valli 2018 – Very difficult corner with some crashes, max attack action and show! P.s. 4 Roncà – 7 Tregnago – 9 Cà del Diaolo Final results: 1. Rossetti/Mori – Hyundai i20 R5 2. Crugnola/Fappani Ford Fiesta R5 (+28.5) 3. Andreucci/Andreussi – Peugeot 208 T16 R5 (+46.0) 4. […]
Kotimaan rallikausi 2018 sisälsi jälleen tapahtumia niin talvella kuin kesällä. Tässä parhaat kaadot, suistumiset, hartialukot ja likitilanteet MP Rallyvideosin osalta. Finnish rally season 2018 had again lot of action from winter and summer. Here’s best rolls, crashes, offs and close calls by MP Rallyvideos.
Follow me on Facebook: 35° #Rally Città di Bassano 2018 – Gravel action! P.s. 2-6 Marcesina Final results: 1. Rossetti/Ometto – Citroen DS3 WRC 2. Spagolla/Zanchetta Ford Fiesta RS WRC (+35.6) 3. Dal Ponte/Tessaro – Skoda Fabia R5 (+1.21.3) 4. Signor/Bernardi – Skoda Fabia R5 (+1.25.8) 5. Cogo/Guadagnin – Ford Fiesta R5 (+2.07.7)
Best of East Belgian Rally 2018 with maximum attack, mistakes, pushing the limits and hot moments!! Very fast action on the Belgium roads around St Vith! Also with the historic cars of Droogmans and Lietaer and the very fast R2 cars! No Crash 1. Princen – Skoda Fabia R5 (Belgian Rally Champion) 2. Fernemont – […]
Yksi rajumpi kaato, yksi ulosajo, likitilanteita ja liippejä Junnu SM:n päätöskisasta Heinolasta. EK1 ja EK5. One hard roll, one crash, many close calls and slides from final round of the 2018 Finnish Junior Rally Championship at Heinola. SS1 and SS5.

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