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All the action from the thursday Nascar Elite Club sessions, the KIA Picanto cup free practice sessions and 2 open practice sessions. There where lots of nice cars in track, like the Corvette GT1, Lola F3000, Ferrari F430 GT3 and much more!
All the action from this trackday at circuit Zolder! During the day, children with a learning disorder, got a drive around the track they never forget. The last 2 houres where pure free driving. the pace was a lot higher of course. Some of the cars in this video: – Toyota Supra – BMW E36, […]
a short video of the skylimit trackday at circuit zolder. Also a few clips are from the skylimit trackday of last month. A few spins, nice cars and a deafening BMW E36 with got black flagged. some of the cars in this video: – Ford Focus RS MK2 – Porsche Cayman GT4 VLN – Fiat […]
all the action from the friday free practice sessions, during the Truck GP meeting at circuit Zolder! Big trucks racing on (and over) the limit at the final chicane. – FIA European Truck Racing – Dutch Truck Racing Championship – Porsche GT3 cup Benelux I will be back on sunday for the races!
Thanks for watching the best of rallycross crash compilation ! All the rallycross crashes, spins, offs and fails i captured between 2015 and 2018! Huge crashes, Rollovers, Smashes and much more! No fatal crashes are in this video, But some drivers sufferd (minor) injuries. Filmed at the following rallycross tracks: – Eurocircuit Valkenswaard (NL) – […]

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