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Powered by Autodoc: Subscribe for exclusive content: This is my personal tribute to one of the most beloved and successful Basque drivers. Txus Jaio (Markina-Xemein, Basque Country, 1975/06/12) won two times the Spanish gravel rally championship but then Ford Motorsport cut the money supply and left this amazing driver alone. Being a humble construction worker […]
Film från SS2, Rally Hårdingen 2018. 8-9 avåkningar ut på åker samt kriser och bilåka Don’t forget to like us on Facebook! NOTICE: No one was seriously injured in the recording of this video. R2018 All clips inclusive videos are copyrighted, all rights intended. Stealing or using my videos without my authorization will result in […]
Retrouvez tous les passages que j’ai pu filme de Sébastien et Daniel lors du Tour de Corse 2018. Toujours un réel plaisir de voit passer le nonuple champion du monde , dommage pour la sorti le premier jour qui me prive de deux passages de plus. Vivement l’Espagne en Octobre pour les revoir. ——————————————————————– Video2rallye83 […]
Fin de ce Tour de Corse 2018 avec la 2ieme et 3ieme journée. ES 7 & 10 Novella Es 12 Pénitencier de Coti-Chiavari ( Power Stage ). Prochaine épreuve WRC pour moi le Rallye de Sardaigne. ——————————————————————– Video2rallye83 est aussi présent sur Facebook : Twitter : @titus8_3 ——————————————————————–
The best of TAC Rally 2018 with a lot of Porsche 997 GT3 and others greats cars ! Round 3 of Belgian Rally Championship in Tielt. Results: 1. Princen/Eelbode (Skoda Fabia R5) 2. Verschueren/Hostens (Skoda Fabia R5) 3. Bedoret/Walbrecq (Skoda Fabia R5) 4. Debackere/Cokelaere (Skoda Fabia R5) 5. Monnens/Debyser (Porsche 997 GT3) … !!! 1080p50 […]

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